The Dashboard data represent the results of testing of Amherst College faculty, staff, and students who are being tested routinely on campus, either because they are in residence or because they have been approved to come to campus.

Positive test results are listed on the date they were reported to Amherst College by the Broad Institute, which is conducting the lab work, not the date the positive cases were tested. The dashboard will be updated each business day.

This dashboard should not be used to monitor individual test results; test result notifications are sent to faculty and staff by email. If you have been tested, you will need to log in to the secure Broad portal to view your results. Students will be informed of a positive result by Health Services. Positive test results require the additional next steps as outlined below. Individuals with a positive test result Will NOT be allowed to return to campus until cleared by the College.

“Indeterminate” test results are those which were unable to be processed for one of a variety of reasons, such as insufficient sample size. The Broad Institute has told us to expect up to 5% indeterminate results. A single indeterminate test result is not a cause of concern in and of itself; however, when an individual receives more than one indeterminate test result in a row, the affected individual(s) will be contacted regarding appropriate next steps.

The College will work with individuals who test positive to follow appropriate isolation and contact tracing protocols. More information can be found on the COVID-19 testing site.