Please keep in mind that it is important to limit the presence of anyone on campus only to those with a need to be on campus to do their work. Members of our community who have been working remotely should continue to do so unless a change is initiated by their supervisor or department chair and approved by their division head, for staff, or by the Provost/Dean of the Faculty, for faculty.

To return to campus for any reason, even if it is just to retrieve something left behind in an office, faculty and staff must obtain approval from the Provost/Dean of the Faculty or their division head and meet the requirements listed below.

The criteria to determine who may come to work on campus includes:

  • Positions deemed essential due to their role in ensuring continuity of campus operations and maintenance, such as Custodial, Dining Services, Facilities, Public Safety, etc.
  • Positions involved in the preparation for the return of students to campus and the coordination of critical services, such as those provided by the Office of Student Affairs, Testing & Tracing, etc.
  • Positions requiring physical presence on campus to complete their work, such as teaching, research, etc.
  • Positions requiring access to specific equipment or spaces, such as Athletics, the Science Center, laboratories, etc.
  • Positions in areas responsible for preparing and/or securing necessary teaching and learning materials, equipment, supplies, classrooms or technology, such as IT, Registrar, Library, etc.
  • Positions performing administrative duties that cannot be completed remotely, such as Accounts Payable, Payroll, Vendor/Supplier Management, etc.

Requirements for Coming to Campus

Once you have received approval to return to campus, you must complete these requirements to return to campus, even if your visit is brief and/or infrequent:

  1. Provide consent for testing, take an initial COVID-19 test and, subsequently, take a COVID-19 test once per week at the College’s testing center the week prior to each week you plan to travel to campus, and receive negative results. (Additional information about testing will be provided when you have been approved to return to campus.)
  2. Complete a short online training module.
  3. Monitor your health for COVID-19 signs and symptoms daily and complete a brief Health Status Survey each day before your arrival on campus.
  4. Review and abide by the College’s Statement of Shared Responsibility.

Once you have completed ALL of these requirements, you may return to campus. Anyone who does not complete and maintain ALL requirements is not permitted on campus.