COVID-19 Community and Individual Behavior Concerns

The fragility of our community health during the pandemic period requires that all members of our community take an active role in understanding and abiding by College guidelines. Whenever possible, we encourage you to offer a friendly reminder to the individual (s) of the importance of abiding by our community guidelines. You may use this form to register concerns about the behavior of any Amherst College community member (student, faculty, or staff) whose behavior conflicts with the community guidelines in place to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. We will keep your report confidential and will not share your name with the person or people about whom you are registering concerns.

When we witness behaviors that are not in keeping with the guidelines, it is important that we take corrective action because our ability to maintain the on-campus in-person experience depends on it. The College will take every reported infraction seriously, but may not have sufficient information to act on every report. Whenever possible, corrective action will be taken.

Most infractions result from simple forgetfulness or a misunderstanding of guidelines. Corrective actions in these cases will be purely educational and supportive. When behaviors are intentional, egregious, or malicious, those individuals can expect corrective action that swiftly protects the community from these behaviors.

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If you know the name of one or more persons involved in the problematic behavior, we ask that you share them so we can engage in direct education or take specific corrective actions.


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