A robust testing regime is a central part of Amherst College’s COVID-19 plan. Anyone living on campus or approved to come to campus for any reason is required to participate in the testing program. This includes contractors and others providing services on campus for work that is absolutely necessary, and cannot be deferred to a later date.

The College policy is that ALL contractors, with limited exceptions (specified below), must be tested at our Testing Center prior to commencement of any work on campus. The questions below help to determine exceptions to this rule.

Questions to Ask

  1. Will the work be conducted strictly outdoors (with no or limited physical interaction with the on-campus community)?
  2. Will the only indoor spaces accessed be mechanical spaces (with no or limited physical interaction with the on-campus community)?
  3. Will the work be performed in a building that is either unoccupied or has limited occupancy?
  4. Is the on-campus presence strictly for delivery of goods (with no or limited physical interaction with the on-campus community)?
  5. Must the work occur on such short notice that it does not allow for a 24-hour turnaround for test results?
  6. Do the contract employees differ on any given day?
  7. Are the contract employees coming from such a distance that testing may be prohibitive?
  8. Does the company already test its employees, and can provide us with PCR test results? Or will the company arrange to have their employees tested elsewhere (PCR only)?

If YES to any of these questions, may be exempt from testing.


  • All work must meet current college policies (e.g. CORI, insurance)
  • The request must be initiated by a department director (“Requesting Director”) authorized by the division head.
  • The Director of Environmental Health and Safety must approve the request and make a recommendation to the Police Chief/Director of Public Safety on the necessity of COVID-19 testing.
  • The Police Chief/Director of Public Safety must review and give final approval.

Contractor Work Permit

Once all necessary approvals are granted, the requesting director will complete the Contractor Work Permit form to record the upcoming on-campus work and indicate that the contractor will be notified, by the Requesting Director, of the requirements and expectations set in this policy and by the Police Chief/Director of Public Safety. A draft message to contractors is available at the end of this policy.  The requesting director/supervisor will complete the Contractor Work Permit form attesting to the fact that the Requesting Director, the Director of EH&S, and Police Chief/Director of Public Safety have approved the work.



When testing is required, contractors are strongly encouraged to quarantine from the time the test is collected until the time they begin work on campus, and through the duration of their work. During this period, the College expects that the contract employees will avoid all social gatherings and maintain 6-foot distance from people at all times, with the exception of people they cohabitate (live) with.

Health Survey

The requesting director will have the contractor or outside service provider (every person coming to campus) complete the Health Status form every day of on-campus work, before or immediately after arrival on campus.


  • If testing is deemed necessary, the Police Chief/Director of Public Safety will determine the window of time that testing must be conducted prior to work commencing. This can vary from 1-2 days to 3-4 days, depending on the nature of the work.
  • The Requesting Director will coordinate testing with the COVID-19 Testing Center Director (Director of Emergency Management) by providing the names and emails of all contractors that will be working on campus at least one week prior to the start of on-campus work.
  • The contractor or other outside service provider must submit to COVID-19 testing before beginning on-campus work, and then weekly for the duration of the engagement.
  • The Requesting Director must ensure that all contractors comply with the testing requirement. Access to compliance data will be provided to the Requesting Director by the Testing Center Director.

Draft Message

As a contractor coming to Amherst College to perform critical work, you must fulfill the following expectations before any on-campus work is to occur.

  1. Submit to testing at the College’s COVID-19 Testing Center. After you provide me with a list of names and email addresses of every employee that will be working on our campus, they’ll receive an email from the Testing Center with instructions for signing up for testing.
  2. Before reporting to on-campus work each day, every employee must complete the Health Status form.
  3. At all times while on campus, wear a protective face covering.
  4. [Insert additional requirements set by the Chief of Police here.]

Thank you,

[Requesting Director]