Science Center

All safety precautions on the Faculty & Staff Guide to Returning to Campus webpages also apply to laboratories. In addition, these specific precautions apply to laboratories:

Individual Laboratory Plans

Each Laboratory Primary Investigator will ensure that the laboratory has a written individualized plan, approved by Environmental Health and Safety, that addresses:

  • staffing and operations;
  • hygiene;
  • social distancing;
  • cleaning and disinfecting; and
  • equipment and modifications.

Environmental Health and Safety must review and approve each laboratory plan. After approval, plans must be submitted to and will be maintained by the Administrative Director of the Science Center, Jess Martin. Laboratories may not open until an approved plan has been submitted.

HVAC and Mechanical Ventilation

Wherever possible, Amherst College Facilities Operations is increasing fresh air exchange in campus buildings. Laboratories on campus are exhausted directly to the exterior of the building. The HVAC system throughout the science buildings is monitored by both Facilities staff and special alarm systems that identify areas of concern so that corrective action can be taken.

Disinfecting Workspaces

Cleaning of laboratory areas and associated spaces is the responsibility of the faculty member assigned to those locations, unless previous authorization has been granted to the custodial department to do so. The custodial department will perform the required tasks in each of the authorized areas at least once per day, but it will be the responsibility of the faculty member to clean high-touch surfaces in a manner sufficient to maintain cleanliness and safety.