All occupied buildings on campus meet safety standards when occupancy limits are observed and personal protection is used properly.

Academic and Auxiliary Buildings

Buildings with air handlers are ventilated with 100% outside air or mixed outside air with recirculated, filtered air. All air handlers have had a filter upgrade from regular efficiency (30% MERV 8) to high efficiency (90% MERV 13). Also, air handlers are run at maximum outside air to increase ventilation rates. Buildings and spaces in this category are:

  • Alumni Gym
  • Arms Music Center
  • Beneski
  • O’Conner Commons
  • Coolidge Cage
  • Fayerweather Hall
  • Ford Hall Event Spaces (and all the Greenway residence halls)
  • Frost Library
  • Holden Theater
  • Keefe Campus Center
  • LeFrak Gymnasium
  • Mead Art Museum
  • Orr Rink
  • Science Center
  • Scott House
  • Seeyle-Mudd
  • Valentine Dining Hall
  • Webster

Buildings without modern air handlers or no air handlers meet ventilation standards by lowering occupancy levels, adding air purifiers in classrooms and common spaces and opening windows as the weather permits. Buildings and spaces in this category are:

  • Alumni House
  • Barrett Hall
  • Cadigan Religious Center
  • Chapin Hall
  • Clark House
  • Converse Hall
  • Cooper House
  • Grosvenor House
  • Hitchcock Counseling Center
  • Johnson Chapel
  • Kirby Theater
  • Morgan Hall
  • Octagon
  • Pontypool
  • Powerhouse
  • Smith House

Residence Halls

The ventilation standard is reached by assigning single rooms only, limiting the number of students sharing a bathroom, limiting access to residents only, running exhaust fans 24/7, encouraging open windows when possible and adding air purifiers to common spaces.

Air handlers in residence halls have high efficiency filters for return air systems or already operate with 100% outside air. Fresh or filtered air is supplied to the corridors. Ventilation in these buildings is appropriate for single room occupancy. Common areas are safe for limited occupancy by using air purifiers and opening windows as much as possible.