March 15, 2020

Dear Students,

As you read earlier in President Martin's email, the college is moving to a remote work model. Please know that resources continue to be available to you although they will undoubtedly look different. Whether you are leaving campus or one of the few remaining on campus, we will provide more specific information about how to access different resources in the coming days. That said, staff continue to be present and available for your health, wellbeing, and safety. Please continue to reach out for support for yourself and your peers as it is needed.

Below are more details and updated guidance about room and board reimbursements. Please take the opportunity to read through the information and more details, specifically how to request a refund, will be shared later in the week.

This moment in time is new and challenging for us all. We are all processing it in different ways. Continue to take care of yourselves and one another.

Liz Agosto
Dean of Studnets

Will I get a credit for room and board fees?

Students who will be departing campus as a result of the College's COVID-19 guidance will receive a credit on their student account for the prorated portion of their family's contribution to the comprehensive fee for room and board for the time that they are not on campus. Students who are approved to remain on campus will continue to have room and board services from the College, and therefore will not receive a credit.

How much will this credit be?

In accordance with the timing of the move to remote learning, we will provide a credit equal to half of the semester's room and board fees. Depending on the amount a family has contributed to the comprehensive fee, this credit can be up to $3,840. Regardless of the amount a family has contributed towards the comprehensive fee, the amount of this credit will be no lower than $1,750.

When, and how, will I receive this credit?

We will provide this credit to your student account. We are working hard to process these credits as soon as possible and expect to have them posted to your account no later than Friday, March 20. You may leave this balance in your account to offset future charges, or request a refund. We will be posting a form and instructions to request a refund via check on our student accounts website,, later in the week. Please note that if you have an outstanding balance on your account, this credit will first be applied against that balance.