March 18, 2020

Good morning all,

It is hard to imagine what the next couple of months will be like for all of us as we move into uncharted waters. We are all learning to do things differently and with new tools and there will likely be plenty of bumps in the road.

Please know that just because most of you are not on campus, does not mean that we aren't connected. In the coming days, you will start to receive information from me about ways to connect with each other, about options for maintaining community across time zones and distances, and about how to access resources on campus. Continue to reach out with questions and I will continue to work to get you a response as quickly as possible.

If you are leaving today, remember to lock your room and drop your key in the key box in the lobby of your hall.

For those of you approved to remain on campus, please be on the lookout for emails from me and Dean Gendron about the logistics and timing of the next few days.

Thank you for your patience during this process and for all the precautions you will take to keep yourselves and our communities as healthy and well as possible. Keep washing your hands and maintaining distance from one another. Take care of those in your communities. Reach out for help.

The campus is not the same without you here and you are already missed.

Liz Agosto
Dean of Students