March 10, 2020

Dear Students,

This correspondence provides a framework to plan for housing transitions associated with the College’s move to remote learning.

The Goal:

To facilitate students’ orderly departure from campus, and to prepare a small number of residence halls to receive members of the student body who will be approved to remain. Residents of Moore, Morris Pratt, and Morrow can expect additional correspondence about their hall.


Please pack and take with you as many of your personal belongings as possible. If there are items that you cannot take with you, you may leave those items in your assigned bedroom. Packing materials will be provided to each residence hall near the main entrance to the hall. Deliveries of materials began today and will continue through midday tomorrow. Those packing materials will consist of: cardboard boxes, packing tape, labels for boxes and non-boxed items, and markers. Please label all items that you are unable to carry off campus with you.

If You Need to Leave Items in Your Room:

In the event that you must leave items in your room, please consolidate them and pack them into boxes.  College staff will move boxes from your room to temporary storage in the event that we must use your bedroom during the next weeks. Please do not leave food or other perishable items in your room or refrigerator.

Your Key:

Once you are done packing and are ready to depart, lock your bedroom door.  You must not take your key with you.  Keys will be collected in the lobby of your residence hall near the main entrance.  Please complete a key envelope provided in the lobby by key collection box, deposit your key in the envelope, and then into the key collection box.  If you leave before the key boxes are in place, please return your key to ACPD Dispatch.

Once You are Ready to Depart:

Before you leave your room, please complete this form ( to alert us that you are departing. The form also collects information from you about whether you are leaving belongings in your room, and if so, how many items you have left.  Remember to lock your door before returning your key to the key box near the main door to your hall or to ACPD Dispatch. 

Whom to Contact for Questions about Storage or Housing Transitions:

If you have questions about the contents of this correspondence, please contact Dean Gendron at

Thank you,

Liz Agosto
Dean of Students