March 10, 2020

Dear Students, 

There have been many questions raised about financial concerns since the announcement yesterday.  Below is a message from Kevin Weinman, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer, addressing partial reimbursement for room and board payments and travel financing.  

In addition, two meetings open to first-years, sophomores, and juniors will be held at 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm in Middleton Gym (Alumni Gym).

Thank you again and I will be sharing more updates tomorrow.  


Liz Agosto
Dean of Students


Dear Students and Families:

In light of the decision to move to remote learning after Spring Break, I wanted to address your questions about several financial matters.  We are still working through details, but here is what we can let you know now.

We have received several inquiries about our policies for reimbursing room and board payments. For students who will leave campus due to guidance related to COVID-19, we will provide refunds for the pro-rata portion of comprehensive fee payments made to the College related to room and board for the time that students are away. Since we do not yet know how long students will be away from campus, we do not know the amount of this reimbursement. We will communicate and process these refunds as soon as possible once the duration is known.

We understand that the decision to require travel off-campus on short notice might create undue financial hardship on some families. Students already planning on traveling home for Spring Break should continue to do so. For students that need to make new or alternative arrangements, we are hopeful that, in many cases, those can be made with minimal or no incremental financial burden. Many carriers have adopted more lenient policies in recent weeks to accommodate changes in travel plans.

However, we recognize that travel changes or new arrangements may be cost-prohibitive for some students. We do not want finances to be the principal barrier to your ability to leave campus. If you need financial assistance or logistical support, please contact Associate Dean of Students Scott Howard using Associate Dean Howard will work with you to address your needs or refer you to the appropriate staff member.

Some of you have expressed concerns about what these events might mean for our staff and staff compensation. We are not closing the College, and we are committed to retaining continuous employment during this period to continue to provide the full range of services and support to students and faculty that we always do, albeit via different means and methods in some cases.

This is a difficult situation for everyone, and we appreciate your flexibility, patience, and understanding as we work through these details.


Kevin Weinman
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer