March 18, 2020

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for your continued dedication to keeping the College running and your understanding of all of the changes we are navigating as we work our way through the repercussions of the spread of COVID-19. I hope you are paying close attention to your health and that of your loved ones and those around you.

In order to ensure necessary on-site staffing to support our students, we are instituting a temporary premium pay policy. Starting Sunday, March 22, non-exempt staff who are deemed essential and specifically required by their supervisors to conduct all of their work on campus will be paid a 25% premium in addition to their hourly wage. By way of example, an essential hourly paid staff member who earns $20/hour will be paid $25/hour for the hours they are required to work on campus. This temporary premium pay program is in effect until May 24. It will be reassessed regularly as the College’s operational needs—and, therefore the need for essential on-campus staff—evolve. You will be informed of any updates prior to their taking effect. 

If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor. 

With best wishes,

Maria-Judith Rodriguez
Chief Human Resources Officer