Mammoth wearing a mask, saying speak up

How You Can Intervene to Help Protect the Herd

See someone wearing a mask incorrectly or not putting their mask back on after eating?

  • “Hey, I think your mask might have slipped off your nose.”
  • “Would you mind checking in with your friend? I don’t feel comfortable approaching them, but their mask is not covering their nose.”
  • “That’s such a pretty mask! Can you pull it up over your nose so I can see the whole pattern?”
  • “If you are done eating, could you please put your mask on, for both of our safety?”

See a large group of people not social distancing?

  • “Hi all, COVID-19 policy limits people gathering in large groups. Could you please disperse or spread out more?”
  • Identify someone in the group you know and talk with them specifically: “I’m not sure if you noticed how many people are here, but there doesn’t seem to be enough room for all of you.”
  • Ask a colleague to help: “Do you know that group? Could you ask them to safely distance?” 
    Or, “I’d like to ask this group to safely distance. Can you join me in asking them?”