Updated January 23, 2022

The College requires all community members to be fully vaccinated and those who are eligible to receive a booster no later than February 1, 2022 (please see detailed information related to the February 14 return to on-campus work). The only exceptions are those granted on medical or religious grounds. 

Anyone on campus during J-term was required to have a booster by January 7.

Those who are not eligible for a booster shot by those dates will be required to receive it as soon as they are eligible.

Booster Eligibility

The CDC recently updated the eligibility period for the booster, as follows:

    • If your initial vaccination was Moderna, you qualify six months after your second dose. 
    • If your initial vaccination was Pfizer, you qualify five months after your second dose.
    • If your initial vaccination was Johnson & Johnson, you qualify two months after your single dose.

Student Verification

  • Students will need to submit documentation of their booster shot no later than February 1 through our patient portal by logging in and clicking on the “Upload” tab and selecting “COVID vaccine documentation” to upload the paperwork. Students who fail to comply with the booster requirement will face the possibility of administrative withdrawal for the spring semester.

  • Students who will be on campus during January need to submit documentation of their booster shot no later than January 7. Students who fail to comply with the booster requirement may be required to leave campus.

  • Students who received their booster shot at one of the College’s on-campus clinics on December 2 or December 9, or January 4 do not need to upload documentation through the portal.

  • Health Services will reach out to those students who are not eligible to receive the booster by February 1 to assist them in accessing it at the appropriate time.

  • Students who have not previously requested a medical or religious exemption and want to do so at this time should follow the same procedures as those for the original vaccine requirement.

Faculty/Staff Verification

  • Faculty and staff will need to present either proof of their booster shot or, for those not yet eligible for the booster, proof of the date of their second COVID-19 vaccine shot at the Testing Center during a regular COVID-19 test appointment no later than February 1.
  • Faculty and staff working fully remotely can sign up for a virtual verification appointment on the HR Vaccine Verification page
  • Staff members who will continue to work fully remotely through February 14 will not be tested during this period. However, before your first day working on campus, you will need to complete either a PCR test within 72 hours before your return to campus or both a rapid antigen and PCR test on the day of your return to campus. A negative rapid antigen test that day will clear you to enter campus buildings while awaiting the results of your PCR test. 
  • Staff members who continue to work remotely will not need to verify their booster shot until they re-enter the testing program.
  • Employees who are not part of the testing program can visit the Testing Center without an appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 10 a.m. until 12 noon. Additional hours may be available by emailing covidtesting@amherst.edu
  • Anyone not eligible for the booster by February 1 will need to show proof of having received their booster shot no more than two weeks from the date they are eligible to receive it.
  • Faculty or staff who have not previously requested an exemption and wish to do so at this time must submit their request to the Office of Human Resources for review. For more information, go to the COVID-19 vaccine exemption webpage. Exemptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and determinations will be communicated within approximately 10-15 business days.

Vaccine Information

Fully vaccinated is defined as two weeks after the second dose of a two-dose series (Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna), a single dose of Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or following the protocol for other WHO-approved vaccines for students living outside the United States.

A person’s vaccination status is a personal medical matter and, as a result, individuals must not ask others about their vaccination status. Choices that people make to protect themselves, their family, or the community are theirs to make and one should not assume that simply because a person chooses to take certain precautions (e.g. wear a mask, distance, get tested), it communicates anything about their vaccination status.


Please reach out to Health Services at healthservice@amherst.edu (students) or Human Resources at hr@amherst.edu (employees) if you have questions.

Where Can I Get a Vaccine?

If you are eligible for the vaccine, go to mass.gov/COVIDVaccineMap, where you can find a location, schedule an appointment online, and fill out the self-attestation form, which you will need to present at the appointment.

Remember to bring important personal information, such as your health insurance card. You will need to wear a mask when getting your vaccine.