Frost Library, Center for Humanistic Inquiry

A Teach-In and Open Discussion for Students, Faculty and Staff

The Teach-In will be facilitated by Visiting Assistant Professor, Michaela Brangan, Amherst Department of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought

The events of the past several weeks surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process and allegations of sexual assault has elicited a variety of reactions: from expressions of outrage at its unique-seeming features, to comparisons to the Thomas’ hearings in 90s, to arguments that it’s “business as usual” for the current administration and our toxic media climate. One thing is sure, regardless of inclination or one's attention to insinuations across the political spectrum: there is a crucial, and potentially society-altering, aspect of whether Kavanaugh is eventually confirmed.

This teach-in will serve two purposes: to educate about the fundamentals of the Court and strategies by which political actors and groups attempt to secure lasting political and ideological power via its membership; and to discuss among our community their concerns about what all of this means, and may mean in the future.

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