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Beneski Earth Sciences Building, Paino Lecture Hall

WH Trading LLC is a proprietary derivatives trading firm that provides liquidity to futures and options markets, including Interest Rate, Foreign Exchange, Agricultural Commodity and Energy products. Its proprietary software is built in-house for flexibility and speed, giving the firm an edge in an environment where microseconds often make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful trade.

As a proprietary trading firm, revenue comes from trading profits generated on physical open outcry exchange floors in Chicago and electronic markets globally. WH Trading does not serve customers, and its risk capital is provided exclusively by the firm’s partners.

WH Trading believes in training its employees. Towards that end, several programs have been established – namely its 9-week summer internship program -- to ensure that new hires and interns receive the support they need to acquire basic skills and succeed in the trading industry. The firm’s leaders also place a strong emphasis on work-life balance, encouraging staff to pursue both with enthusiasm.

Want to learn more about WH Trading’s company culture, cutting-edge technologies, and training programs for interns and new hires? Attend this information session to hear from company representatives – including alum Rob Homchick ’14 – to hear more.

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