This is a past event
Keefe Health Center, 2nd floor conference room

The Clothesline Project gives people of all gender identities an opportunity to break the silence about sexual violence by creating shirts that give voice to their personal experience(s). The shirts are then hung shoulder-to-shoulder on a clothesline for public viewing. Survivors, Friends and Family members of violence are welcome to contribute a shirt to the line. The Five-College Clothesline Project also welcomes shirts from people who may not be survivors of violence themselves but wish to share the experience of living in a violent society. All can participate. You do not need to be an artist to create a moving personal tribute. Whether you choose to write, paint, glue images (from simple to elaborate), it is your shirt and your voice. Use this medium any way you feel expresses your experience. Shirts already on the line have used poetry, graphic descriptions, quotes, artwork, pictures and graphic design to relate their experience. Anything goes when creating a shirt for the Clothesline Project. Sponsored by The Peer Advocates for Sexual Respect and Sexual Respect Education.

Contact Info

Lauren Simpson
(646) 410-1995
Please call the college operator at 413-542-2000 or e-mail if you require contact info