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Webster Hall, Studio 3

This bilingual work grapples with the past, bearing witness to gender-nonconforming historical figures, La Monja Alferéz and The Publik Universal Friend. Puppetry and poetics lift up the lives of these trans ancestors in an exhilarating conversation honoring their genders and refusing to look away from their transgressions.

Praise for Publik Private:
“The infernal and the saintly collide in a bold intertwining of two adventures too wild to be fictional. Publik Private is a show that smashes the binary in more ways than one: out and passing, chaste and carnal, pacifist and warmonger, hero and villain, thwarted imperialist and well-intentioned gentrifier. With a wry smile, Eppchez dances between the polar opposites of these two trans lives, and joins them together in something tender, irreverent and all too human.” -Mary Tuomanen (Barrymore Award-winning playwright)

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"Publik Private"

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Karen Sanchez-Eppler
(413) 542-2186
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