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All are invited to a panel discussion and a meal to celebrate a new Thanksgiving with an indigenous framework with the I-Collective, a group of indigenous chefs, activists, herbalists, and seed and knowledge keepers. Meet members of the I-Collective, celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Mohawk Freedom School, and learn about the importance of passing on food, language and recipes to preserve Native cultures.
Join us in dialogue to create new narratives of Thanksgiving for 2019 with special guests including Neftali Duran, Hillel Echo-Hawk and Elvera Sargeant.
This program is offered in collaboration with the I-Collective, Mohawk Freedom School, INCA and Book & Plow Farm and is presented in conjunction with the Mead’s EAT! Museum Seminar.
Free and open to all!
If you have accessibility concerns, please contact Danielle at (413) 542-5651.

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Danielle Amodeo
(413) 542-5651
Please call the college operator at 413-542-2000 or e-mail if you require contact info