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We know it’s a difficult time to be a student—the pandemic is disrupting all aspects of life, and the challenging economy is impacting job and internship experiences. We thought 2008 grads who graduated from Amherst during the Great Recession could relate. In this pop-up series your questions will take center stage.

Join us as we:
--learn about the challenges 2008 grads faced in early career experiences --explore how they’re navigating work during the pandemic
--and get industry-specific considerations for what’s ahead

Our next 2008 alum guest is Virginia Lora, a bilingual independent radio and podcast producer. She recently completed a reporting fellowship with NPR’s Latino USA and is currently an associate producer for Feeling My Flo, a reported podcast for tweens about all things menstruation. Check out her LinkedIn profile or some of her stories , and then let us know if you have questions you'd like to ask her during the talk! You can submit your questions for Virginia here:

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