Peer Advocates for Sexual Respect Resource Panel

October 2, 2020 (All day)
October 9, 2020 (All day)
October 16, 2020 (All day)
October 23, 2020 (All day)
October 30, 2020 (All day)
November 6, 2020 (All day)
November 13, 2020 (All day)
November 20, 2020 (All day)
Peer Advocate Social Media Pages
Swipe to see a video message from a resource working to support survivors and end Sexual Violence at Amherst!

Join the Peer Advocates as we provide on- and off-campus resources on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram)! We will be spotlighting members of the community who have done significant work in the fields of sexual respect and survivor support weekly on Fridays.

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Eli Maierson
(713) 557-3877
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