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Daily, 3 - 4pm until Sun, Feb 14, 2021
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Missing the way that being with others has the power to make you feel more human and less stuck in yourself? How about the way that a good shared laugh, or having "real talk" with friends, or simply saying something out loud to another person can all feel like an important reminder that the world is so much bigger than the four walls we can feel trapped in, especially as we navigate all of the unknowns of the pandemic? Part of the magic of Amherst is that it has been a place where all of these things came alive for us daily just by being there. For those who will not be on campus this semester (and those who are, but just want to add new friendships to your being-with-people-again reboot) Take the Leap 2.0 is a completely virtual experience, defying what we know to be possible on zoom, and recreating these feelings of connection in an entirely new space in Spring 2021. This every-other week meet-up will reinvent the Val-sit, go further then a cross-quad hello, and overcome the space between us as we continue building the friendships and memories that college is made of!

"I feel so much better than I did an hour and half ago. That was the most valuable time I've spent on Zoom!" - Student who attended last week's virtual open house

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Take the LEAP 2.0

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Marie Lalor
(413) 542-5679
Please call the college operator at 413-542-2000 or e-mail if you require contact info


WANT IN? Sign up at, follow @taketheleapamherst on Insta and invite the people you want to see there! Deadline for sign-ups is Feb 13.