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Faculty Panelists: Kat Correira, David Hall, Darryl Harper, Mohamed Hassan, Chris Kingston, Samantha Presnal

Multimedia content plays a crucial role in Amherst courses this year, and one new tool many faculty have quickly integrated into their teaching is the video platform. Faculty have begun to use Kaltura (new to Amherst in Fall 2020) and/or expanded the use of other tools such as Explain Everything.

During this session we will hear and discuss how several faculty members have incorporated video tools (Kaltura/Explain Everything/Moodle) and other multi-media strategies into their teaching this year, with examples including the production and publishing of instructional videos and microlectures, designing interactive video quizzes, and allowing students to share their own recordings for assignments and discussions.

ATS and IT Multimedia staff will be on hand after the session from 1-1:30 p.m. to answer any technical questions or demonstrate any specific video tool features attendees are interested in.

Session will meet via Zoom. Please RSVP below!

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