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Daily All day until Mon, May 10, 2021

Position Summary:
The Mead Art Museum is convening a Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion (DEAI) Task Force for the first time. The Task Force is an outcome-focused group intended to support the Mead’s mission, strategic objectives, and activities with a specific focus on anti-racism. The Mead Art Museum Task Force Student Representatives would join representatives from the Mead’s curatorial and education departments, security staff, and the Museum’s Advisory Board.

As a collective, the Task Force will work as active change agents to make visible and dismantle some of the oppressive practices at the Mead, internally and externally, and to ensure that the Mead is a museum that actively welcomes a diverse community. The Task Force will focus on work that could include: re-writing staff job descriptions to focus on anti-racism, shifting security staff to visitor services roles, developing accountability structures, increasing visitor accessibility (i.e., alt-text guides, verbal description training, developing pre-visit checklists, audio tours etc.), internal auditing, making recommendations for an ongoing forum for BIPOC feedback and prioritizing culturally responsive training for staff and student lobby attendants, among other goals across departments. This work will align with Amherst College’s DEAI and anti-racist work.

Application Process:
Application deadline is Monday, May 10 (11:55PM EST). Applications will be reviewed May 11-May 14. Interviews will be conducted the following week.
To find in Workday search for: JR831
**Please note: all applications will have names, pronouns and contact info redacted (by a staff member not otherwise involved with the interview process) in an effort to create a more equitable hiring process.**

Apply online via Workday by Monday, May 10, 2021 (11:55 p.m. EST). Applications should include a resume (Loeb Center approved) and a cover letter explaining interest in this position.
Please note: Students must have resumes reviewed and approved by Loeb Center staff before they will be able to apply to postings in Workday. For more information about this process, see the link below.

Time Commitment and Compensation:
The student will join the Task Force from the first meeting and participate in the initial conversation about goals, timeline, mission, and meeting conventions. The position will be held by the student for one year, with the expectation of up to two meetings a month. At various times the position may require more time commitment. The position will be 10 hours per month commitment at $17/hr.

1. Discuss and contribute to decisions such as defining the Task Force’s mission and goals, prioritizing goals, developing a timeline.
2. Acting as a liaison with other student groups on campus and perhaps forming and facilitating a student sub-committee.
3. Lead occasional meetings, prepare and send out monthly agendas. (This work will be shared among team members.)
4. At the end of the term, work with the rest of the assembled Task Force to prepare a formal summary of goals, priorities, recommendations for action, and a timeline. This work involves identifying problems, unpacking them, identifying solutions, and making recommendations.

Be active in a peer education group—either a student club on campus or with one of the student Resource Centers
Previous work or intern experience at a museum
Interest in leadership and change making at a leadership level
Interest in diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion work
The expected commitment will be from Summer 2021- Fall 2021 Semester.

Questions about the Mead Task Force Position or the Mead Art Museum? Contact Emily Potter-Ndiaye, Dwight and Kirsten Poler & Andrew W. Mellon Head of Education and Curator of Academic Programs,

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Olivia Feal
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To find in Workday search for: JR831