Hermenia T. Gardner Bi-Semester Christian Worship Service

October 17, 2021 - 1:00 pm
Power House, (and via Zoom)
Poster with a photo of a previous Bi-Semester service and a headshot of the Rev. Catharine Cummings

Join us for the first Bi-Semester Christian Worship Service of the semester on Sunday, Oct. 17.

The Bi-Semester Worship Series is designed for and by students to provide an on-campus Christian worship experience which affirms African American religious traditions. The Rev. Catharine Cummings, a graduate of Crichton College and Harvard Divinity School and pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church in Springfield, Mass., will offer the sermon. The service will also will feature the Rev. Shannon Farrand-Bernardin and the Amherst College Gospel Choir.

Contact Info

Rev. Shannon Farrand-Bernardin
(413) 542-8489
image of e-mail address@amherst.edu