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Beneski Earth Sciences Building, Paino Lecture Hall

In this interactive session, Pam Allyn '84 will share how what she has learned by watching, working with, and listening to children has deeply and profoundly influenced her growth as a leader, creator, and innovator. She will share with you the framework “The 7 Strengths” created by Pam and her longtime writing partner, Dr. Ernest Morrell, and how this framework came from listening to children and has influenced her life and work along the way. Hear Pam share practical tips for navigating nonprofit and for profit experiences in education, what you can do to harness your own power of story right now, and provide some inspiration for the possibilities that can unfold by experiencing the field and world of education.

Pam Allyn '84 is an award-winning author, educator, public speaker, entrepreneur, education innovator, and business start-up founder. With this unique set of experiences, Pam will help you to consider the amazing opportunity and potential there is in exploring the world of education in your own post-Amherst life and all the wonderful and surprising possibilities there are in that journey for you. She will share the steps she took immediately upon graduating, and where these steps led her to shape a career in education that has been varied, momentous, and impactful, from founding a nonprofit to launching two successful startups to working in-house at a major children’s brand as senior vice president for innovation. She will share her journey into the startup world and the innovative partnerships that are a huge part of that.

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