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CHI Think Tank, Lyceum 101

Come meet the editors of The Massachusetts Review!

During the summer of 2020, the magazine renewed its commitment to publishing BIPOC writers, and we also set about diversifying from within, adding nine new editors, all but one a person of color. This year, we’re visiting each of our supporting campuses at the Five Colleges in order to amplify this effort. We want to meet new potential contributors, editors and board members; find out what you’re working on; and see how we might help. Following a brief presentation, we look forward to meeting you and discussing the magazine, your work and possible overlap!

After its first decade of making good trouble, the editors of The Mass Review published a superb anthology of essays, art, poems and stories, Black & White in American Culture, featuring writing by Martin Luther King, W.E.B. Du Bois, Lucille Clifton, Howard Zinn, Stokely Carmichael, Toni Cade and Jean-Paul Sartre. The collection also saluted Ralph Waldo Emerson, citing as preface his 1847 missive from the first issue of The Massachusetts Quarterly Review. "What more serious calamity can befall a people than a constitutional dulness and limitation?" Emerson wrote. "We have a bad war, many victories, each of which converts the country into an immense chanticleer; and a very insincere political opposition. This country needs to be extricated from its delirium at once.'' Hard not to hear Emerson as doubly relevant today, even more than he was 64 years ago.

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