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CHI Think Tank, Lyceum 101

Quietly shaping our scholarly work are the reward structures that win us grants, earn us promotion, and secure our standing in the profession. This live-streamed event will feature a panel of MacArthur Fellows who "reflect on the impact that the academy’s reward structures have had on their work, discuss what they see as the optimal path forward, and share how they advise their students, the next generation of scholars, on building their own careers." A discussion of the panel's relevance to our lives at Amherst will follow, led by Professor and Chair of Classics Chris van den Berg.

Moderated by ACLS Vice President James Shulman

P. Gabrielle Foreman, Pennsylvania State University, 2022 MacArthur Foundation Fellow
P. Gabrielle Foreman, PhD, is an award-winning professor of English, African American Studies, and History, and an alumnus of Amherst College. A leader in the field of Black digital and public history, Dr. Foreman has been recognized for co-creating projects that build community and institutions while addressing pipeline and equity issues

Kellie Jones, Columbia University, 2016 MacArthur Foundation Fellow, 1994 Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellowships in American Art
Dr. Kellie Jones is a Professor in Art History and Archaeology and the Institute for Research in African American Studies (IRAAS) at Columbia University. Her research interests include African American and African Diaspora artists, Latinx and Latin American Artists, and issues in contemporary art and museum theory.

Peter Miller, American Academy in Rome, 1998 MacArthur Foundation Fellow
Dr. Peter N. Miller, a historian, educator, and a leading voice on the continued importance of the humanities, is President of the American Academy in Rome.
Miller is an expert on the history of scholarship, cultural history, antiquarianism, and conservation. His work has created programs that advance interdisciplinary scholarship, build bridges between academia and the public, and promote the study of Islamic art and material culture, medieval European artistic and material culture, museum anthropology, art and material culture of Africa and the African diaspora, and the material culture of New York City, among others.

*This event is the second in a two part series. If you would like to view part one, it is available on the ACLS website, but it is not necessary in order to benefit from this session.

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