Frost Library, Mezzanine Gallery
  • Open to the Public

“Ancestral Bridges: Celebrating Black and Afro-Indigenous families who lived and worked in Amherst in the 18th through early 20th centuries,” an exhibit of historical photographs and artifacts, is on view daily in Frost Library’s Mezzanine Gallery on the campus of Amherst College.

This exhibition, the first partnership between the Ancestral Bridges Foundation and Amherst College, seeks to center this long-neglected aspect of town history and to reveal the rich and complex lives of the Black and Afro-Indigenous community of Amherst.

"I hope these images and stories raise questions, prompt further research, and challenge us all to meet our collective responsibility to build a more just and equitable future." —Anika Lopes, founder, Ancestral Bridges

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Sarah Barr
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