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Science Center, Kirkpatrick Lecture Hall (A011)

Malaria is a devastating disease that affects over half a million people each year mostly children under five years old and pregnant women. Antimalarial drug discovery by and large is focused on the identification of novel drugs to treat and prevent the disease due to the emergence and spread of Plasmodium strains resistant to existing medicines.

The Merck Research Labs have teamed up to invent novel drug candidates by targeting the Plasmodium parasite via newly identified essential aspartyl proteases.

Please join us for a Meet & Greet with Merck scientist and drug discovery expert Dr. Manuel de Lera Ruiz, followed by a talk about how Merck scientists identified target compounds to create treatments that target three stages of the malaria lifecycle.

5:00–5:30 PM Meet & Greet with Dr. Manuel de Lera Ruiz (Science Center Living Room)

5:30–6:30 PM Seminar: Invention of Antimalarial MK-7602: Unraveling Molecule Features to Qualify as Drugs (Kirkpatrick Lecture Hall)

This event will include time for Q&A with Dr. Ruiz.

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