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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wed, Mar 27, 2019

"Diverse Students, Campus Climate and Intentional Student Mental Health" with Alfiee Breland-Noble

This workshop supports an open dialogue on amplifying the needs of students of color regarding their perspectives on campus climate, safety and academic success, based on Alfiee Breland-Noble's experiences over 20 plus years as faculty in academic environments, especially academic medicine. She offers insight into lessons learned (directly from the mouths of babes) and uses 20 years of rigorous research to inform faculty and staff on how they can build a portfolio of knowledge to include the voices of the young people they hope to serve.

This workshop is for faculty and staff.

Russian Table

The Russian Table is an opportunity for all interested in conversing in Russian to meet regularly with Russian faculty and students. We'll meet from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesdays on the Mezzanine level in Valentine Dining Hall. Russian speakers at all levels are very welcome!

Arabic Language Table Fourth-Year Wednesdays

This Arabic language table is a weekly conversation group for fourth-year Arabic students. We meet every Wednesday in the upstairs seating section of the Valentine Dining Hall, and anyone who can communicate in Arabic at the fourth-year level is welcome to attend.

Wall Street Journal Wednesdays

Please join Stephanie Hockman, Loeb Center program director for careers in business and finance, for a weekly informal discussion on any of your favorite Wall Street Journal articles. This informal lunch group will meet every Wednesday from noon – 1 p.m. in Terrace Room B on the lower level of Valentine Hall. Grab some lunch and join the discussion!

"Shaping Your Vision: Healthy Campus, Healthy You" - Alfiee Breland-Noble

Students attending this workshop will have the opportunity to share their expertise and insights with Alfiee Breland-Noble on the major issues facing Amherst students of racially diverse backgrounds. Using an intersectional lens and acknowledging the realities faced by marginalized young people of color, Alfiee Breland-Noble will provide context for challenges facing Amherst students and will offer unique insights and tools to support student mental health. Lunch will be provided.

Students Only

Theory of Mind and the Brain Hosted by Psychology Journal Club

How does the brain understand other people's thoughts? Join us for Antonio's pizza as we watch a Ted Talk and discuss an article (link) on Theory of Mind research done by Rebecca Saxe, a cognitive neuroscientist at MIT. All majors and class years welcome!

How to Manage Stress and be More Than "Just Okay" with Alfiee Breland-Noble

This is an experiential workshop designed to help students of color implement self-care tools. Alfiee Breland-Noble will lead students through evidence-based and culturally relevant exercises and discussion on how to support students of color by gaining knowledge of the unique stressors they face while educating on how chronic stress impacts behavior and sharing practical tools to help students manage stress. This session also includes time for students to debrief on the day’s activities and share knowledge gained and insights on their experiences with Alfiee Breland-Noble. Students are expected to leave this session with practical tools to support their self-care routine.

Students Only

CHI Salon: "The Hero's Mass" with Constantine Nakassis

Constantine V. Nakassis, assistant professor of anthropology and associate faculty of cinema and media studies at the University of Chicago, will discuss "The Hero's Mass."

This talk explores the ontological politics of the image in Tamil cinema. Its focus is a particular scene from the 2011 film "Mankatha" (directed by Venkat Prabhu) in which the protagonist, played by the “mass hero” Ajith Kumar, is slapped by a character played by the actor Vaibhav Reddy. Taking the screen image not simply as diegetic representation but as performative act unto itself, Ajith fans were enraged at Vaibhav. In reflecting on this scene, its making and its uptake, Nakassis will show how multiple ontological and political claims on what an image is intersect in and manifest in and as this image-act. This multiplicity, Nakassis argues, opens up a space to think with and against arguments by André Bazin and others about “the” ontology of the film image.

A reception will follow. Childcare will be provided.

Cha Time: A Conversation with Asian American Studies Faculty and Staff

Cha Time: A Conversation with Asian American Studies Faculty and Staff

The Amherst Asian American Studies Working Group invites you to Cha Time, an informal panel with Amherst’s incredible Asian American Studies faculty and staff. Come for insider information on Asian American Studies classes offered next semester, anecdotes about your professors’ illustrious journeys in academia and general life wisdom! Reception to follow.
The panel will feature:
Professor Sony Coráñez Bolton (Spanish & Latinx/Latin American Studies)
Professor Pawan Dhingra (American Studies & Sociology)
Professor Robert Hayashi (American Studies)
Karu Kozuma (Chief Student Affairs Officer)
Professor Franklin Odo (American Studies)

Embracing Entrepreneurship Speaker Series: Being a College Student and a Successful Entrepreneur

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Science Center, Lipton Lecture Hall

E2 – Embracing Entrepreneurship Speaker Series
Innovation exists in every aspect of our lives whether working for a large company or venturing off on your own, the skills of an entrepreneur are universally applicable. In the E2 Speaker Series, we continue to explore innovation and the culture of entrepreneurship on campus and in the world.

Join Brian Curcio ’16, Myles Gage and the Embracing Entrepreneurship community as they discuss how they used their time at college not only to learn but to create a successful business...before graduation! Brian and Myles were both raised in Chicago and became friends in high school. That friendship has become the foundation for a growing idea and business. As advocates for financial education, especially for individuals in underserved communities, Brian and Myles designed and developed an app that addresses the three roadblocks that prohibit many from understanding the stock market: fear, exposure, and accessibility. What started out as a great idea to foster their passion for investing, the goal of improving financial literacy has become a successful company that is their effort to combat the financial illiteracy crisis in the U.S.

Brian co-founded Rapunzl while at Amherst College. As a mathematics major, he loved the idea of creating a financial tool that others could use to invest. He taught himself to code his senior year and managed two outsourced teams before on boarding an inhouse CTO to help develop the Rapunzl platform that educates others about investing. Brian constantly balances his time between development and marketing initiatives. Two months ago, he negotiated a meter with PrimalQuant, a back end technology company founded by an ex-CTO of TD Ameritrade. Currently he handles web & mobile UI design as well as coordinating college marketing efforts.

Myles Gage co-founded Rapunzl while working at CIBC after graduating from the University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign in 2016. He cultivates and maintains relationships with corporate financial sponsors and handles daily operations as they relate to Rapunzl’s high school outreach and growth. Myles develops long-term strategies that integrate Rapunzl’s social impact initiatives with broader growth objectives. He sits on the board of UrbanX Learning, Rapunzl’s fiscal sponsor, and serves as the director of Financial Pathways, a non-profit partnership aiming to address financial illiteracy across the nation.

The Peer Advocates for Sexual Respect Present: Film Screening Series. Wednesday, March 27 at 7 pm. Jackson Katz: "The Bystander Moment"

Film Screening Series: "The Bystander Moment"

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Pruyne Lecture Hall

Join the peer advocates in an illuminating evening featuring Jackson Katz's renowned documentary "The Bystander Moment." The film draws on male involvement in the #MeToo movement and educates on ways to be an effective bystander!

Meiklejohn Fellows Program: Surviving (and Thriving!) This Summer

Meiklejohn Fellows, this workshop will guide you in preparing for your summer experience. You’ll learn how to identify and achieve goals specific to your summer, understand your role and find meaning in your work and learn as much as you can about the field or industry. We will also discuss how to handle unexpected challenges and logistics such as budgeting, finding housing and travel arrangements.

Bain & Company Presents: Management Consulting 101

Considering a career in consulting? Want to understand what management consulting is? Please join this panel of Amherst alums currently working at Bain & Company (Cassandra Farnow '13, Jason Darell '18, Pascual Cortes-Monroy '17 and Alejandro Nino Quintero '18) to learn more!

Bain is a management consulting firm that works with top executives in a variety of different industries and geographies on their most critical issues, including strategy, organization, operations and transformations.

No prior knowledge of consulting is required! Bain representatives, including some Amherst alums, will be talking about their paths to consulting, how they each approached the application process and advice for Amherst students.

Extended Study Hours

Join us in the Women's and Gender Center for our weekly study hours! Study in community with snacks and accountability partners to get your semester off to a great start!

Ongoing Events

"Between the Imagined and Seen: The Hand-Pulled Prints of Betsey Garand and Microscope Images of Caroline Goutte"

until Aug 30 Frost Library, Mezzanine Gallery (2nd Floor)

Visit the Mezzanine Gallery in Frost Library to view Between the Imagined and Seen: The Hand-Pulled Prints of Betsey Garand and Microscope Images of Caroline Goutte, on exhibit from March 4 to Aug. 30. This exhibition is sponsored by the Arts at Amherst Initiative

Professor Caroline Goutte is chair of the Department of Biology and a member of the Program in Biochemistry and Biophysics at Amherst College. Betsey Garand is senior resident artist in the Department of Art and the History of Art at Amherst College.

Against Doom - an exhibition by artist-in-residence Macon Reed

until Apr 5 Fayerweather Hall, 105 - Eli Marsh Gallery

Gallery hours are 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, and from noon - 4 p.m. on Sundays. Closed Saturdays. This exhibition will close at noon on Friday, April 5.

Birth Doula Workshop

This semester, a birth doula workshop will be happening on campus. The course will be four full days long on March 23 and 24, and April 6 and 7. This opportunity will be open to Amherst College community members, as well as people from the local community. The workshop will be hosted by Michelle L'Esperance, a trained doula.

Registration Required
Bodies Week 2019- Celebrate what your body does for you

Bodies Week

Join the Student Health Educators for two weeks of events that focus on exploring your relationship with your body and celebrating what it does for you. See a full list of events on our Facebook!