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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tue, Apr 6, 2021

"Creative Resilience workshop series with Chelvanaya Grabriel and Mars" in purple font. Background has purple, orange, and blue paint globs. Mead, QRC, and MRC logos in bottom right.

Creative Resilience Workshop #2 (QTPOC-centered)

Reclaiming Our Bodies and Minds: Dismantling White Supremacy
How does racism and white supremacy show up in our bodies? How does it inform our relationship to work? Our notions of productivity? And what is essential work? In this workshop, we explore what it means to think of self care as essential work. We explore ways to ground ourselves in the notion that self care is necessary in order to decolonize our experiences and create a world liberated from white supremacy. We will co-create a space where we can reflect about our relationship to self-care and identify ways that systems of oppression show up in our internal narratives and in our bodies. Mars & Naya will guide you in cultivating greater awareness of these impacts and identifying, in community, ways to choose more liberatory ways of moving through the world.

This workshop is designed for QTPOC students, faculty and staff at Amherst College.

This program is limited to 15 participants. Registration is required. Use the link below to sign-up.
Please contact jsmartin@amherst.edu or call 413-542-5964 for accessibility concerns.

Registration Required