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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Tue, Mar 30, 2021

Virtual Russian Table

11:30 am Virtual

Please join us for the Virtual Russian Table every Tuesday between 11:30am and 1:00pm EST.
Russian Table offers an opportunity to gather and converse with other Russian-language learners and teachers. Come for the whole time or drop in for a shorter conversation - all levels of Russian speakers are very welcome!
Please email Kristina Diachenko (kdiachenko@amherst.edu) for the Zoom info.

Drop-in hours with IES Abroad Representative

Meet with the Amherst College IES Abroad Representative to learn about study abroad opportunities for Fall 2021, Spring 2022 and beyond. Amherst College uses IES Abroad semester programs in Berlin, Granada, Milan, Nagoya, Nantes, Rome, Salamanca and Vienna. Founded in 1950, IES Abroad is a not-for-profit organization that provides study abroad opportunities to college students.
Fun Fact: Amanda Gorman, U.S. National Youth Poet Laureate, is one of the many accomplished IES Abroad alumni. In this video, Amanda shines light on her IES Abroad experience and study abroad journey:

Students Only

Richard Anantua, Center for Astrophysics at Harvard and Smithsonian: "A Glimpse into Horizon-Scale Physics by 'Observing' Movies and Polarization"

Recent radio observations of infalling and outflowing plasma radiating in the vicinity of supermassive black holes are linked to simple phenomenological models via general relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations using a methodology called "Observing" Jet (or outflow)/Accretion flow/Black hole (JAB) Simulations.

For Sagittarius A* in our Galactic Center, movies simulating hourly timescales show that these models can be classified into at least four types: 1.) thin, asymmetric photon ring with best fit spectrum; 2.) coronal boundary layer with thin photon ring and steep spectrum; 3.) thick photon torus with flat spectrum; and 4.) extended outflow with flat spectrum.

For M87, a HARM jet simulation is used to replicate observed collimation and magnetic substructure, while serving as the basis for a self-similar, stationary, axisymmetric force-free flow model used to generate Stokes maps at Global mm-VLBI Array (86 GHz) and Event Horizon Telescope (230 GHz) scales. This model varies plasma content from ionic (e-p) to pair (e-e+). Emission at the observed frequency is assumed to be synchrotron radiation from electrons and positrons, whose pressure is set to relate to the local magnetic pressure through parametric prescriptions. Polarization maps are found to be sensitive to the positron effects of decreasing intrinsic circular polarization and increased Faraday conversion.

Truman Scholarship Information Session

If your goal is a career in public service (.gov, edu, .mil, or .org), you may be eligible for the Truman Scholarship to support graduate study leading to your career. Join Tara Yglesias, of the Truman Scholarship Foundation, and recent Truman Scholars to learn about what this scholarship has to offer to those intending a career in these fields. Hear how leadership and service are expressed in the lives of scholars and in their applications. U.S. citizenship required. Register now: https://bit.ly/3scdqej

Yoga in the Powerhouse

Join us in the Powerhouse every Tuesday and Thursday for in-person yoga classes with AC Yoga Club! Move your body after hours of zoom, in a way that feels good to you. We'll breathe, stretch, balance, and maybe even get upside down. Feel free to bring a friend! Limit 10 per class. Sign up below.

Sign up for Tuesday: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWEShn5Tr9EyklPvmgf21FseQLvQMO...

Sign up for Thursday:

Students Only
Registration Required
Black and white photo of artist A.K. Burns. She has cropped hair and wears a button-down striped shirt.

A.K. Burns on Labor

Join us for a two-part lecture with A.K. Burns—artist, educator and founding member of W.A.G.E. (Working Artists in the Greater Economy)—followed by a Q&A moderated by Lisa Crossman, Mead curator of American art and art of the Americas.

In Part I, Burns will present a brief history of the connection between art and labor movements in the U.S. and share how this history set the stage for W.A.G.E. In 2008, Burns co-founded W.A.G.E., an artists’ advocacy group that has re-envisioned efforts of the Art Workers Coalition with a focus on resolving fiscal inequities between artists and institutions. W.A.G.E. acted primarily as an educational organization until 2012, when it transitioned into a 501c3 nonprofit and began actively advocating for artist rights. In the fall of 2014, W.A.G.E. launched their much-anticipated certification program and fee calculator.

In Part II, Burns will discuss labor as it pertains to Negative Space, a quasi-science fiction four-part video epic that explores the violence of boundary-making practices and agency as enacted through subjugated positions. Each video within Negative Space is nonlinear and allegorical, built around a physical system: power (the sun), the body, space (void/land) and water. Through a process of conjuring and deconstructing science fiction tropes, the videos work at the intersection of politics and fantasy. Negative Space raises questions about the allocation of resources, environmental fragility, marginalized bodies and their relationship to place.

This program is made possible by the Terra Foundation for American Art and is aimed at providing frameworks for thinking about a forthcoming exhibition about labor at the Mead Art Museum.

Free and open to all! Registration is required.

If you have accessibility concerns, please contact Danielle Amodeo at damodeo13@amherst.edu or (413) 542-5651.

Registration Required
Cartoon of people seated in meditation

Buddhist Group

Join us as we meet weekly over Zoom for guided meditation and conversation about how the Buddha's teachings - from interconnection to embodied awareness to skillful relationship to thoughts - can make our daily lives a bit more grounded and happy. You don't need to be Buddhist to attend, and all College students, staff, and faculty are welcome.

For more information please contact interim Buddhist Advisor Harrison Blum (hblum@amherst.edu).

The University of Queensland, Australia Logo | Create Change

Study Abroad at The University of Queensland

Come to this information session to learn about spending a Study Abroad semester at UQ!

Consistently ranked among the world’s top universities, The University of Queensland offers inspiring teaching across more than 4,000 courses, world-class indoor and outdoor learning environments, and outstanding facilities. The University is located in a region renowned for its subtropical climate and vibrant lifestyle, close to natural attractions including beaches and rainforests. Some of our most popular
courses include Great Barrier Reef field trips, geological mapping in the remote outback or observing native fauna in the wild.

Fun Fact: If you visited one new beach in Australia every day, it would take over 27 years to see them all!

Students Only


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Virtual, MOODLE - "Department of German Events"

Please join us anytime from 7pm-8pm EDT, for our zoom Kaffeeklatsch gathering, for an hour of stress-free chatting (and games?!) auf Deutsch with faculty, language assistants, students and staff. All are welcome!

"Anti-Asian Violence: Where Do We Go from Here?"

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Virtual, https://tinyurl.com/29tzkejc

Join Professors Sony Coráñez-Bolton, Pawan Dhingra, Robert Hayashi, Lili Kim, Franklin Odo and Christine Peralta (upcoming faculty member) on for a teach-in on anti-Asian American racism, covering aspects of Asian American history and current society, the roots and contexts around anti-Asian American racism/sexism, and how we can use these histories to contextualize the resurgence of anti-Asian sentiment during the pandemic. Q&A to follow. All are encouraged to attend!

Ongoing Events

Redefining Health: Building Skills for Radical Healthcare Workshop Series

The Department of Health Education and SHES present a new workshop series on health equity! Co-sponsored with Your Embodied Sexuality (YES!), we will offer monthly workshops that expand our understandings of health and provide skills for navigating healthcare and the systems of oppression that shape it. Workshop topics will include self-managed abortion care, medical fatphobia, medical racism, misogyny in healthcare, birth control information and how to perform your own breast and pelvic exams, gender affirming healthcare, medical ableism, death positivity and planning, and more. (Registration required: sign up link will be available on the Daily Mammoth during the week leading up to each workshop.) Contact she@amherst.edu with additional questions.

February 20 at 3pm EST: Building Abortion Knowledge for Self and Community Care
Facilitated by Women’s Medical Fund’s Seneca Joyner and Brittany Chung
Come join the folks at the Women’s Medical Fund and YES! for a skill-building workshop on abortion care! The interactive workshop will offer helpful information on how to care for yourself and others before, during, and after an abortion. We will be working together to expand our understanding of the differences between various abortion methods and sharing knowledge in order to better equip ourselves and our loved ones. We’ll be looking at accessing and experiencing abortion care as whole people who are part of vital, complex communities. The workshop will be a liberation-focused space and an opportunity to discuss the realities of abortion openly and honestly.

March 20 at 3pm EST: Don’t Tell Me to Lose Weight: Navigating and Challenging Medical Fatphobia
Facilitated by Isy Abraham-Raveson
The so-called “obesity crisis” is a fatphobic myth that constructs fatness as a disease that needs to be eliminated for the good of society. In fact, fatness is not correlated to disease, and dieting to lose weight isn’t sustainable and can lead to major health problems. On top of that, this misinformation, along with discrimination and shame, prevents people in large bodies from accessing the healthcare they need. In this workshop we will challenge commonplace myths about fatness and health and develop self-advocacy strategies to use when faced with fatphobia in healthcare settings.

April 17 at 3pm EST: Subverting the Master’s Tools: Effective Strategies for Navigating Racism in Medical Care
Facilitated by Michelle Munyikwa
In this workshop, we will review the concept of medical racism and discuss its implications for folks seeking care in the medical system. After a brief review of the history and politics of racism in American healthcare, we will move on to more applicable concepts. Drawing on the experiences of the presenter and advice from local activist groups, we will discuss concrete strategies for engaging in self-advocacy and advocacy for loved ones navigating a complex, racist system.

May 15 at 3pm EST: Fertile Wounds: An Exploration of Misogyny in Medicine
more information TBD

Registration Required
Purple mammoth on a white background.  the words Campus Well are below the mammoth.

Campus Well: The online health and wellbeing magazine

Have you read the latest issue of Campus Well, our online wellbeing magazine? New articles are added weekly. Find the latest issue here: http://amherst.campuswell.com
Why should you click the link?
Learn to mix up your exercise routine with a fun barre-style workout.
Learn how to stay grounded in stressful moments with a 5-minute meditation practice.
Find out which foods to eat (and which foods to go easy on) to help reduce levels of stress hormones.
Try a tried-and-true reading strategy to help retain the information you just read.
Learn to set healthy boundaries in intimate relationships begins with asserting yourself and your needs in everyday life.

Bodies Week with the SHEs

Join the Student Health Educators for a variety of programming for Bodies Week 2021!

Events include:
- Embodied: A conversation about body politics at Amherst, hosted by the Peer Advocates for Sexual Respect. (Tuesday, March 23, at 7 p.m. EST)
- The Menstruation Situation: a program on menstrual inequity, sustainability, and alternative menstrual products. (Thursday, March 25, at 7 p.m. EST)
- The EveryBody Project - a small closed program/group for all genders and identities, where participants get to personally examine their relationship to their body, body image and societal beauty standards. Hosted by Wenzhen Zhu in the Counseling Center & myself. Advanced registration is required. (Friday, March 26 & Friday, April 2, 3-5 p.m. EST)
- Examining Our Eating Habits: a discussion of eating disorders and disordered eating. Co-hosted by the SHEs, Alyssa Pawloski from Health Services, and Wenzhen Zhu from the Counseling Center. (Monday, March 29, at 5 p.m. EST)
- Closing Keynote: Disability Justice 101. Co-sponsored with the Office of Accessibility Services. Join two disability activists and educators, speakers Davey Shlasko & Yusef Bornacelli for an introductory program on Disability Justice as a framework and practice. (Wednesday, March 31, at 6:30 p.m. EST)

- A Bodies Week Resource Table in Keefe Campus Center from March 23-26 with relevant materials for the taking!
- Bodies Week digital content on Instagram at @ac_she

Fear Less, anxious thoughts workshop starting April 8

Sign-ups open for Fear Less: Anxious Thoughts Workshop

Join the staff of the Counseling Center in this four-week program which takes a careful look at where anxious thoughts and anxiety come from, how anxiety effects our day to day lives, and what we can do to help reduce and resolve our anxiety.

The series is open to all current students and will run remotely beginning Thursday, April 8, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.

Psychology of Trauma Video Series

Peer Advocates Psychology of Trauma Video Series

Check out and follow the Peer Advocates Instagram (@amherst_pa) and Facebook (@peeradvocatesamherstcollege) the week of March 29 for an online video series on the Psychology of Trauma, featuring five professors from the Psychology department! The video series will address physical and psychological reactions to trauma as well as treatment methods and healing from the perspective of different research areas in psychology (cognitive, social, developmental, and clinical). Follow us to learn more about the video series and our other upcoming events!