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Monday, November 12, 2018

Mon, Nov 12, 2018

German Table

Enjoy informal conversations with students who have studied in Germany, the German faculty members, the German language assistants and other native speakers.

Chinese Language Table

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Valentine Dining Hall, Small Conference Room, 1st Floor

Bring your lunch from Val and practice your Chinese. The Chinese language table will meet this semester every Monday, Tuesday and Friday from noon - 1 p.m.

Math & Stats Table

Please join us on Mondays in the Terrace Room A of Valentine Hall. Relax and enjoy lunch with your Math & Stats friends.

Walker research image: closeup of green plant leaves

Biology Monday Seminar: "Long-Distance Shoot-to-Root Signaling of Iron Deficiency in Plants"

Join Elsbeth Walker, Ph.D and professor of biology at University of Massachusetts Amherst, for a discussion on "Long-Distance Shoot-to-Root Signaling of Iron Deficiency in Plants."

The Walker lab aims to discover novel mechanisms that control the uptake and distribution of iron in plants. Part of the impetus for such discovery research is that iron deficiency is one of the most significant micronutrient malnutrition problems facing the world today. The World Health Organization estimates that ~1.62 billion people-- ~25 percent of the world’s population --are affected by iron deficiency. The production of staple crops that have elevated iron in edible parts (e.g., in the grains of cereals) is widely regarded as the primary means by which this problem could be stably addressed. However, this goal is thwarted, because our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms controlling iron accumulation in plants is far from complete. We have discovered that three distinct iron-transporter proteins are required in the leaves of plants in order for those leaves to send correct signals of iron deficiency to the roots. Our current work focuses on understanding how the leaf signals of iron deficiency are generated. We are also avidly pursuing the phloem-mobile inductive RNA signal that induces iron-deficiency-associated gene expression in the roots. Our hope is that, by improving our understanding of whole-plant iron-signaling processes, we may identify improved strategies for manipulating iron distribution in staple crop plants.

4th Annual international Photo Contest- Finalist  Voting & Reception

4th Annual International Photo Contest- Finalist Voting & Reception

Join the Global Education Office for the 4th annual international photo contest- finalist voting & reception.
Light refreshments will be served.

Writing Center Creative Writing Group

The Writing Center's Creative Writing Group will gather weekly on Monday nights to write, share and discuss our fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, drama and other modes of creative writing in a friendly, supportive manner. No homework, just attend. Meetings will be led by writing associate Roy Andrews and student coordinator Gwyneth Lewis. Open to all students.

Artificial Intelligence Club

Come to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Club for pizza & heated debates on the nature of (machine) intelligence, the ethics of facial recognition, the economic impact of self-driving cars and much more! We'll also discuss (optional) planned machine learning projects for the semester.

Everyone is welcome! To participate:
- You do not need to know how to code!
- You do not need any CS experience!