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Friday, February 19, 2021

Fri, Feb 19, 2021

Cheminar: Professor Robert Gilliard, University of Virginia: "Electronic Tuning in the Main-Group: From Subvalent Organometallics to Novel π-Electron Materials"

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Via Zoom Link

Abstract: Research efforts in the Gilliard laboratory span diverse areas of chemical synthesis related to the activation of inert chemical bonds, energy storage and molecular hybrid materials chemistry. Our work with s-block metals has resulted in a number of advances in the low-valent and hydridic chemistry of the alkaline earth metals (e.g., beryllium, magnesium), including molecular models for hydrogen storage. Recently, we have begun to study heterocycles “doped” with p-block elements for the development of new π-electron materials with unusual bonding and photophysical properties. This has led to the first examples of pyrene-fused N-heterocyclic germylenes and boranes, thermochromic and thermoluminescent borafluorene materials, and stable borafluorene radicals. Our primary goal has been to isolate molecules in rare electronic states and to provide a link between structure and function. This presentation will highlight our most recent results in these research areas.


CANCELED M@A: A Virtual Season Presents Narek Hakhnazaryan, cello, and Daniil Trifonov, piano

M@A regrets very much to have to inform you that COVID restrictions make it impossible for the artists to offer the following program:

Presenting the fourth free online concert for M@A 2020-2021: A Virtual Series:

Grammy Award winning Russian pianist Daniil Trifonov—winner of Musical America’s 2019 Artist of the Year award—has made a spectacular ascent of the classical music world as a solo artist; a champion of the concerto repertoire; a chamber and vocal collaborator; and a composer. Combining consummate technique with rare sensitivity and depth, his performances are a perpetual source of awe. “He has everything and more … tenderness and also the demonic element. I never heard anything like that,” marveled pianist Martha Argerich. Trifonov recently added a Grammy Award to his already considerable string of honors, winning Best Instrumental Solo Album of 2018 with Transcendental, a Liszt collection that marked his third title as an exclusive Deutsche Grammophon artist. As the Times of London notes, he is “without question the most astounding pianist of our age.”
Pärt “Fratres” for violoncello and piano
Shostakovich Sonata for Violoncello and Piano D Minor, Op. 40

Rachmaninov Sonata for Violoncello and Piano G Minor, Op. 19

Hailed by the Washington Post as “a seasoned phenomenon,” Narek Hakhnazaryan won the Cello First Prize and Gold Medal at the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition in 2011 at the age of 22.