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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Thu, Jan 14, 2021

Fair Play: Staying in Sync While Managing Work + Life

The OHR Learning & Development Team invites you to a live webinar presented by Care.com.

Whether you have a partner, are living alone, or have roommates, balancing work + life 24/7 requires new conversations and systems. Join New York Times bestselling author of Fair Play, Eve Rodsky, as she shares her sanity-saving methods around dividing responsibilities, creating communication strategies, and finding happiness.

Eve Rodsky is working to change society one marriage at a time by coming up with a new 21st century solution to an age-old problem: women shouldering the brunt of childrearing and domestic life responsibilities regardless of whether they work outside the home.

In her New York Times bestselling book FAIR PLAY, she uses her Harvard Law School training and years of organizational management experience to create a life-management system to help couples both rebalance all of the work it takes to run a home and reimagine their relationship, time and purpose.

Photo of January 2020 Center for Restorative Practices training

Restorative Impact Circle: Sharing Anger, Anxiety and Grief About the U.S. Elections

The elections and the political process have made some of us, no matter our political views, feel angry, anxious, and powerless.

The Center for Restorative Practices invites you to an open, informal space to share and reflect on the personal impact of this moment.

Our theme: sharing anxiety surrounding the elections and focusing on community building across political divides. Experience a restorative impact circle, seeking to confirm what unites us: our shared humanity.

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