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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Tue, Jan 5, 2021

workday, think big, create a better workday

Workday Open Labs/AskIT

Workday launched on Jan. 4. To help with the transition we are offering daily drop-in sessions. If you get stuck, are confused or have a question, join a Workday Open Lab Zoom and team members will be there ready to help. We are running open labs all day long for the entire first week after the Workday launch (Jan. 4-8) and for two hours each day the following weeks. Zoom link and the full training schedule are available on amherst.edu/go/workday (login required).

workday, think big, create a better workday

Workday - Getting Started Demo

Workday Daily Demos will be held during the Workday Open Labs and to cover basic Workday tasks and information.

Workday Training - Financial Accounts and Budget Reporting

Join a Workday training on financial accounts and budget reporting. Sessions will introduce you to the Financial Data Model (FDM) structure and financial reports.

Workday - Student Employee SOS for Supervisors

This session is a set time each day to answer any questions regarding student employment in Workday and review processes that supervisors of student employees need to know.

Workday - Getting Started Demo

Workday Demos will be held during the Workday Open Labs and cover basic tasks and information.

Workday - Student Employee Onboarding

3:30 pm Virtual

During this Workday demo we'll review the onboarding process for student employees as well as common processes for student employees.

Finance Interview Preparation Workshop Series Hosted by the Loeb Center's Traub Careers in Business and Finance Program

You are learning a lot in your classes-- learning to think, analyze, and communicate. That’s great! However, if you want to intern and/or work in finance, you’ll need to supplement your great education with some preparation for recruiting and interviews.

January is the perfect time to learn the skills necessary to land that internship or full-time position. The Loeb Center's Traub Careers in Business and Finance program will host an 8-session workshop series for sophomores and juniors looking to understand and enhance preparation for finance interviews taking place in Spring 2021 & Summer 2021.

These workshops will help you understand the finance recruiting process AND gain integral content and technical information necessary to ace the finance interview. Join Rob Parker ’21 to gain access to his proven process and materials that will help you learn material, whether preparing for investment banking, sales & trading, research (buy or sell side), or private investing.

You must register in advance, via Handshake, by no later than December 11th and plan to ATTEND ALL 8 WORKSHOPS. Each workshop will run from 7 – 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout January 2021. The following is an outline of the workshops, which will help you master the finance interview process.

Session 1 (Jan. 5): Introduction to finance recruiting – understanding the timelines and what to expect from different types of firms in the finance industry
Session 2 (Jan. 7): Introduction to networking – how to find people, ask insightful questions, and develop a strong, mutually beneficial relationships
Session 3 (Jan. 12): Acing the fit/behavior interview – too many people skimp on this. DON’T. Being able to passionately tell about yourself and why finance and the position is paramount to acing the interview.
Session 4 (Jan. 14): Accounting Crash Course - learn the language of finance and business including ways to practice the most asked questions
Session 5 (Jan. 19): Enterprise Value/Equity Value Crash Course – understanding the difference and when to use which method
Session 6 (Jan. 21): Introduction to Valuation
Session 7 (Jan. 26): Overview of the technical finance interview
Session 8 (Jan. 28): Introduction to the Adventis Financial Modeling Certification Course – we’ll discuss the program and the benefits of becoming certified