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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Wed, Oct 7, 2020

CRG: Doing the Work: White People Committing to Anti-Racism (Group A)

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Zoom (link will be shared before meeting)

The current racial justice movement has most likely motivated you to think more about racism and in many ways, question how you participate and perpetuate racism in your own life. Fortunately there are many steps one can take to embark on the journey of anti-racism. Many of us are at different stages of learning and unlearning how racism operates in our lives and often the question is where to start? This new CRG will guide us through a series of self-reflection activities and action steps to begin and dive deeper into the work of anti-racism. We will utilize the book Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Sadd, to guide our process.

A space for staff to examine what it means to be white, learn how to identify and confront racism in ourselves, the systems and people surrounding us, and to critically reflect on our actions and socialization. We will emphasize building our own capacity as white people doing anti-racism work that centers BIPOC.

For the fall semester we will host two separate groups of 20 people each. Both sessions will be co-facilitated by Angie Tissi-Gassoway and Dr. Sarah Erickson

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CHI Salon: Matahari Women Workers' Center

Join us for a conversation with Monique Tú Nguyen, executive director of the Matahari Women Workers' Center and CHI Fellow and Visiting Lecturer in History Lili Kim. This event is part of the series in Professor Kim's course "Women of Color and the Emergence of the U.S. Third World Feminist Left." In this conversation, they will discuss how, in 2014, Matahari and its partners in the Massachusetts Coalition of Domestic Workers won a historic campaign to pass the Massachusetts Domestic Workers Law (Bill of Rights), as well as the oral history project with the domestic workers and employers that Professor Kim's students will help curate for a public exhibit website.

Matahari Women Workers' Center is a Greater Boston organization where women of color, immigrant women and families come together as sisters, workers and survivors to make improvements in ourselves and society and work toward justice and human rights. Our goal is to end gender-based violence and exploitation. The core of our work and vision is a belief in the importance of collective action and people’s leadership as strategies for social change. When marginalized groups are able to engage in arenas of public debate, their voices work to reverse historic oppression and assert that all people, especially the most excluded, are entitled to equal rights, dignified lives and the opportunity to participate in movements for social justice.

This event will take place over Zoom. Pre-registration is required.


Registration Required