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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Tue, Oct 27, 2020

Research Assistant in Physics Abigail Plummer, Harvard: "Instability, Frustration and Phase Transitions in Thin Elastic Sheets"

Thin sheets, such as plant leaves, cell membranes and atomically thin materials, can show complex and surprising behaviors when allowed to grow and deform in three dimensions. One such behavior is the purely elastic shape memory found in disordered spring networks and, to a good approximation, crumpled paper. In this talk, I will introduce a simplified model for this effect, in which we locally swell a periodic array of points on an elastic sheet. When the local expansion is sufficiently large, or the sheet is sufficiently flexible, the regions of dilation will prefer to buckle out of the plane. We find that we can understand the ground state as well as the finite temperature behavior of this system if we assume that the buckled dilations behave like spins in an Ising model, a simple model for magnetism and phase transitions.

Black and white photograph of the artist in Victorian dress performing the role of Sarah Forbes Bonetta.

Artist Talk with Heather Agyepong

London-based artist Heather Agyepong has worked within photographic and performance arts since 2009 and is interested in mental health and well-being, activism, invisibility, the diaspora and the archive. She uses both lens-based practices and performance to create cathartic experiences for herself and her audiences. Agyepong’s works have been published, performed and exhibited extensively within the UK and internationally. A selection of her photographs is currently on view at the Mead Art Museum.

Join us to learn more about Agyepong’s artistic practice; her acclaimed project Too Many Blackamoors; and her forthcoming projects, performances and exhibitions. This conversation will be moderated by Aneeka Henderson, assistant professor of sexuality, women's and gender studies.

This program is supported by the Arts at Amherst Initiative and will take place via Zoom. Registration is required.

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