Event Calendar

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tue, Nov 27, 2018

Arabic Language Table

The Arabic Language Table is a weekly conversation group for Second-Year Arabic students. The Language Table meets every Tuesday in the upstairs seating section of the Valentine Dining Hall, and is open to anyone who can communicate in Arabic at the second-year level.

Employee Council Coffee Hour

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the academic year and have a free coffee and muffin with representatives from the Employee Council. Come talk to us about issues that matter most to you, learn about resources, benefits and training or just come socialize with us!

For Amherst College staff only.

Chinese Language Table

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Valentine Dining Hall, Small Conference Room, 1st Floor

Bring your lunch from Val and practice your Chinese. The Chinese language table will meet this semester every Monday, Tuesday and Friday from noon - 1 p.m.

Office Hours with Bear! (the puppy)

Canine Office Hours with Bear will be held every Tuesday for the remainder of the fall semester from 3-4 p.m. beside Frost Cafe. Bear is an assistance dog in training. Drop by to get some puppy love and help with his training. Sponsored by the Wellness Team and the AC Library.

Sylvia Rivera!

Sylvia Rivera Floor Launch

Join us in celebrating the establishment and launch of the Silvia Rivera Community House. Named after the transgender Latinx icon, Sylvia Rivera, this house was founded in 2017 as a space where members of the Amherst College community can engage in debate and expression that highlight the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ peoples on campus and throughout the world. This event will formally launch the house and introduce it to the wider Amherst community. This is, to our knowledge, the first residential community in a college campus to be named after a transgender woman of color in the United States. Through this event, we would like to honor the legacy of Sylvia Rivera, her plight for proper housing and community-building for queer people and to recognize her impact in our work and in the work we hope to see out of this house in the years to come.

Food will be provided.

Drawing of a person wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap, holding a sword and a torch, positioned behind a globe

"The Global Rise of Nativism and Illiberalism: A Conversation on the Contemporary Political Pathology"

In the contemporary political pathology, two phenomena appear currently intertwined: exclusionary nativist beliefs and electoral preferences for illiberal styles of politics. Do we witness a global return to a longing for closed ethnic communities and authoritarian rulers, promising security in an age of perceived systematic crises? Whereas the rapid rise of the populist radical right in Europe as much as in the U.S. is an evident starting point, the aim of the panel is also to open up the conversation to a larger outlook. How can we explain these global reactions upon geopolitical developments as much as the globalization of uncertainty? These issues will be addressed by the four panelists, followed by a discussion in plenum.

Panelists Tamir Bar-On, Chip Berlet, Dwaipayan Sen and Maria Sidorkina will be moderated by discussant Andreas Önnerfors. Dr. Tamir Bar-On is one of world’s leading experts on the French and European New Right. He is a professor in the School of Social Sciences and Government, Tecnológico de Monterrey, in Queretaro, Mexico. Chip Berlet is a Boston-based American investigative journalist, research analyst, photojournalist, scholar and activist, specializing in the study of extreme right-wing movements in the U.S. and the dissemination of conspiracy theories. Dr. Dwaipayan Sen is an expert on the history of caste policy and postcolonial democratization in India. He is an assistant professor of Asian Languages and Civilizations and History at Amherst College. Dr. Maria Alexandrovna Sidorkina is a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Humanistic Inquiry at Amherst College. Her research concerns illiberal publics and politics in post-socialist space, linguistic anthropology and digital sociability. Dr. Andreas Önnerfors is associate professor in intellectual history at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, currently specializing in contemporary European New Right populist rhetoric, and STINT Fellow at Amherst College.

Insight (Mindfulness) Meditation Group

Whether you have meditated for a long time or have never meditated, come join us for this time of practice together. Come to relax, quiet your mind, learn how to experience less suffering and stress, explore Buddhist philosophy and psychology, just talk about what it means to live from compassion and awareness -or because you are curious. This event will be led by Mark Hart, Buddhist Advisor.

Japanese Language Table

The Japanese Language Program will be hosting a Japanese Language Table on Tuesday and Thursday evenings all semester. Please join Hikari Yoshida '19, a student from Doshisha University, and practice your Japanese! Everyone is welcome to join the Japanese Language Table for all or part of the time we are there.

French Table

If you are interested in speaking French or learning about French culture then come and join us weekly during dinner. French Table is open to students, faculty, staff and anyone who is interested in having informal conversations in French. All levels are welcome! We look forward to meeting you!

Sex Work and Labor Panel: Labor Intensive

Sex Work and Labor Panel: Labor Intensive

As part of our education series "Labor Intensive," this panel will focus on sex work as a form of labor and how we frame this conversation in society. The panelists engage with sex work as researchers, activists and as people in the field. Dinner will be served!

Sex Work and Labor Panel: Labor Intensive

As part of our education series "Labor Intensive," this panel will focus on sex work as a form of labor and how we frame this conversation in society. The panelists engage with sex work as researchers, activists and as people in the field. Dinner will be served!

Responding to Students in Distress Workshop

This workshop will help participants recognize signs that a student may be struggling with emotional or mental health issues. It will offer suggestions on how to respond to concerns and connect students to appropriate resources. All members of the Amherst community are welcome. In this workshop we will discuss common stressors, identify “red flags” that may indicate risk, offer suggestions on how to talk with students about a concern and provide an overview of campus resources. Please contact Jessica Gifford jgifford@amherst.edu for more information.

German Kaffeklatsch

Come and join German students and faculty every Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. in Porter House for a chat over coffee and much more! This is a great opportunity to practice your German in a casual and relaxing environment.