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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wed, Apr 15, 2020

Bain & Company Webinar: Learn More About Our Private Equity Group (PEG)

Join Sarah Hershey, a principal in our Boston office, to learn more about our Private Equity Group (PEG). Webinar is intended for undergraduates interested in our ACI (Associate Consultant Internships) and AC (Associate Consultant) programs.

You must register via this link to receive the Zoom information.

Zoom In To The Writing Center

4:00 pm Via Zoom

Want a casual place to drop in and talk about (remote) writing at AC? "Zoom In To The Writing Center" and join other students and Writing Center Associates to meet, talk, get writing ideas/tips, and share your experiences with remote writing. Fill out this Google form and we’ll send you the Zoom link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScAj_AV6sTWDCB4UNIJSkADxRWS5FIS...

Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor

Talking about the N-word: A Social and Pedagogical History of a Word

The Center for Humanistic Inquiry welcomes Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor, Associate Professor of History at Smith College, for a virtual salon. Professor Pryor specializes in 19th-century U.S. history and race. Her first book, Colored Travelers: Mobility and the Fight for Citizenship before the Civil War, is a social history of black activists who, long before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus, fought against segregation on public vehicles. Her essay, “The Etymology of [the n-word]: Resistance, Language, and the Politics of Freedom in the Antebellum North,” won the Ralph D. Gray Prize for the best article of 2016 in the Journal of the Early Republic. Her next project, inspired by the article as well as her teaching at Smith College, is a historical and pedagogical study of the n-word framed, in part, by her experience as a biracial woman in the United States.

Amherst College faculty, staff, and students all welcome. The Zoom link will be made available the day of the event. Amherst College email address is required for login. Video and sound will be turned off for all but the guest speaker and the host facilitator, Jen Manion, Associate Professor of History, Amherst College and CHI advisory board member. Participants will be invited to submit questions via the chat function, which Prof. Manion will share with Prof. Pryor for discussion.