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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Tue, Mar 10, 2020

APA Paris Information Table Poster

APA Paris Information Table

Visit with an APA representative to talk about how you can build your schedule by choosing courses, in any field of study, at our 11 University of Paris and higher education partner institutions, in-house electives or replace a class with an independent study/research. Receive weekly one-on-one language support with a French professor and teaching assistant. A wide range of academic support is available throughout your term in Paris.

APA is a boutique program provider in Paris, France, with a passion to provide a first-rate study abroad experience that unites academic excellence with the beauty and richness of French and Francophone culture.

Students Only

Professor Katherine Aidala, Mount Holyoke College: “Evolution of Magnetic States in a Local Circular Magnetic Field”

This event is open to current Amherst College students, faculty and staff (Amherst College ID required).

When the size of a ferromagnetic structure is on the order of a single domain, where all magnetic moments align parallel to one another, fascinating physics can result. Circularly symmetric structures (i.e., disks and rings) can support a “vortex” state in which the moments align circumferentially with a clockwise or counterclockwise circulation. Typical experiments that apply in-plane magnetic fields cannot select between the CW and CCW states. Instead, we locally pass current through the tip of an atomic force microscope to apply a circular field, directly controlling the vortex circulation. Magnetic force microscopy allows us to image the resulting states in disks and rings. Simulations predict novel states with multiple 360-degree domain walls in rings, which we can understand by considering the switching process and the topology of the domain walls. Potential applications in data storage will be discussed.