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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tue, Feb 11, 2020

Build Your Relationship Tabling

Come stop by the PA and SHE table at Keefe (Feb. 11, 11 AM-2 PM, Feb. 13, 11 AM- 1PM) for some information on healthy relationships and chocolates!

Common Table

All are welcome to the Common Table—a casual, drop-in time to share lunch and conversation on a topic of spirituality, belief or values. Please click the link below to see the list of weekly topics. Hosted by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.

Alumni-in-Residence: From Amherst College to the NHL, Lunch with Dr. Thierry Pauyo ’05

Join us for lunch and conversation with Dr. Thierry Pauyo ’05, an orthopedic surgeon and former Amherst College hockey player. This is a chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities for student-athletes of color on campus and to share perspectives about that experience. Dr. Pauyo will share his reflections of his time on the hockey team then, as a sports medicine physician for professional hockey teams today and as a player of a sport whose teams have been predominantly white. His perspectives and thoughts of his experiences, together with those of current student-athletes, can inform our understanding of Amherst today.

David Hall ’91, Amherst College: “Tying Knots in a Quantum Fluid”

Knots are familiar entities that appear at a captivating nexus of art, technology, mathematics and science. They have recently attracted significant experimental interest in contexts ranging from knotted DNA and nanostructures to nontrivial vortex knots in classical fluids. In this talk, I will discuss the first controlled
experimental creation and detection of knot solitons, which are particle-like topological excitations possessing a knotted field character. The superfluid medium within which they exist is a Bose-Einstein condensate with a temperature some tens of billionths of a degree above absolute zero. In addition to enabling future experimental studies of their properties and dynamics, these knot solitons provide a striking demonstration of the celebrated Hopf fibration, which mathematically tie together many seemingly unrelated physical phenomena.

Fulbright Study

Learn about pursuing independent study or research with Fulbright. Fulbrighters Sam Presnal ’11, research in France, Jallicia Jolly, research in Jamaica, and current semi-finalists Ryan McMillan ’20 and Laura Carty ’20 will discuss their experiences, and Office of Fellowships staff will provide an overview of the grant. Questions? Contact Carter McClintock: cmcclintock@amherst.edu, 413-542-5079.
Register here: https://www.amherst.edu/mm/596673

Registration Required
Abstract still life of fruits, with fish and seascape.

Spring Opening Reception at the Mead

Celebrate the opening of the Mead’s spring exhibitions at this evening reception, featuring “The Best Impressions: Inside the Edward C. Crossett Collection of Prints,” along with new rotations of works in “Starting Something New: Recent Contemporary Acquisitions and Gifts and Ten Years of Trinkett Clark Memorial Student Acquisitions.” Join us for curatorial remarks, live music and refreshments in the galleries.
Free and open to all!

Junior Political Science Majors Thesis Informational Session

Professor Javier Corrales will be holding an informational session for junior political science majors who are interested in writing a senior thesis.

Renting in New York: A Practical Guide

Planning to relocate to New York City after graduation? Considering a big city move in the future but feeling overwhelmed by what that might entail?
Join representatives from Manhattan-based residential real estate brokerage firm Cooper & Cooper for their annual “Renting in New York” campus workshop. During the session, agents will break down the ins-and-outs of finding a new apartment in the Big Apple.
With access to over 8000+ buildings throughout NYC, Cooper & Cooper agents are experts at helping graduating students make successful transitions. Their mission is to ensure your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.
Learn more at this information session and at https://www.coopercooper.com/Amherst.