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Monday, February 24, 2020

Mon, Feb 24, 2020

Kiessling Research Image: a colorful, geometrical illustration of molecules

Biology Monday Seminar: “Carbohydrates at the Host–Microbe Interface”

4:00 pm Science Center, Kirkpatrick Lecture Hall A011

Laura L. Kiessling, Ph.D., the Novartis Professor of Chemistry in Department of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will give a talk titled “Carbohydrates at the Host–Microbe Interface.”

Our health depends on maintaining a functional microbiome and avoiding the propagation of pathogenic microbes. Our group seeks to understand the mechanisms of microbial control by focusing on a prominent feature of the cell’s exterior—the carbohydrate coat. From humans to fungi to bacteria, all cells on Earth possess a carbohydrate coat. A critical role of this coat is to serve as an identification card. Our group has been examining the role of carbohydrate-binding proteins, called lectins, in influencing our microbiota and in immune defense. This seminar will focus on understanding the basis of carbohydrate-protein interactions and how they are used to control microbes. We envision that our findings can lead to alternative means to combat pathogens, methods for rapid approaches to ID microbiota, and the development of new strategies to regulate microbiome composition to promote human health.

Alumni-in-Residence: Strategic Networking - Powerful Tactics to Gain the Most from Connections

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Science Center, Lipton Lecture Hall E110

One of the most valuable skills you can have is being able to network strategically and effectively. Kim Karetsky ’99 will be at Amherst College as part of the Loeb Center’s Alumni in Residence Program. As an expert in leadership and learning, she will be hosting an interactive workshop on strategic networking and providing tactics and tips on how YOU can gain the most from your connections with alumni and others. Kim is the founder and CEO of KHK Leadership and Learning, a consulting business which designs and implements customized professional development and leadership services to organizations and individuals. After spending 15 years at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan in leadership and professional development roles, Kim created KHK and is dedicated to helping her clients build skills in leadership. She is also dedicated to helping Amherst College students become the leaders of tomorrow. Through this workshop, she will help YOU develop skills and tactics on how to effectively connect with alumni and others and how to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with others that can impact your professional (and personal) lives.

Ivy Watts: Mental Health Empowerment Speaker

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm Science Center, Lipton Lecture Hall

Join us as a former standout student-athlete shares her story, promoting self-worth and mental health practices based on her experience at the University of New Haven and beyond. This presentation is open to all students and members of the community and is co-sponsored by the Department of Athletics and the Community Mental Health Fund.