Mammoth flies a plane with a banner that says, Amherst College City Streets Festival April 21, 6-8 pm, valentine quad and webster circle, above a variety of foods

What is City Streets Festival?

Occurring annually in the spring, City Streets Festival is an Amherst College campus celebration of international heritage, culture, and food from around the world. The event features a menu of international foods, live music, outdoor games, and more.

The vibrant flag display at City Streets is a beloved tradition. It celebrates the cultural heritage and identities of our diverse campus community and includes representation of countries, sovereign states, and Indigenous nations and tribes. Importantly, the display is not an endorsement of the beliefs, values, or actions associated with any flag. For a list of the 2024 Festival’s flags, visit

Sponsored by the Office of the President

group of students poses for a photo at City Streets Festival, sitting at a table with a variety of foods

City Streets 2024 Photos

Find photos of your friends and see the some of the food and activities at City Streets 2024.