George W. Carmany III, 1962

Medal for Eminent Service

George W. Carmany III is founder and president of G.W. Carmany and Company, an advisory business in financial services and life sciences; director of the Macquarie Infrastructure Company; and a senior advisor to Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, EnGeneIC Ltd. and The Asia Link Group of Beijing. Already a recipient of a 2001 Distinguished Service Award (for Group Service) from Amherst, he will be honored with this year’s Medal for Eminent Service.

Carmany has demonstrated his commitment to the college by serving as a Class Officer and a member of the Alumni Council, and he is vice presi­ dent of the Society of the Alumni for 2011–2012. He has volunteered to participate in the college’s two most recent capital campaigns. In 2009, he became a founder and organizer—along with classmate Gerald R. Fink—of Amherst’s annual Fink Bioscience Symposium, which “enables students who aspire to careers in health care policy, medicine and bioscience research to interact with Amherst alumni who are leaders in these fields.”

Originally from New York, Carmany graduated from Amherst with a de­ gree in political science. After serving as an officer in the U.S. Navy from 1962 to 1967, he began his business career with Bankers Trust Company in its International Banking Department. Starting in the mid­1970s, he held senior positions at the American Express Company and its investment management and private banking subsidiary, The Boston Company. Car­ many subsequently chaired the Olympia and York Bondholders’ Steering Committee before launching his eponymous company in 1994.

Carmany retired as a director of Sun Life Financial in 2010 and, until 2005, was chair and CEO of Helicon Therapeutics. He is a former chair of The New England Medical Center and of the Board of Associates of The Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, a member of The President’s Circle of the National Academies and a trustee and member of the Execu­tive Committee of Bentley University.