Point/Counterpoint 2021 Videos

Democracy and its Discontents: A Conversation with Melissa Murray

November 30, 2021

Melissa Murray is the Frederick I. and Grace Stokes Professor of Law at NYU School of Law, where she teaches constitutional law, family law, criminal law, and reproductive rights and justice. Read more about the speaker.

W(h)ither Free Speech?: A Conversation with Geoffrey Stone

November 12, 2021

Geoffrey R. Stone is the Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago, and is the author of many books on constitutional law. Read more about the speaker.

Reckoning with Our Racial Past: A Conversation with Kwame Anthony Appiah and Adolph Reed Jr.

October 28, 2021

The first event in the Point/Counterpoint Series, a talk between renowned ethicist and professor of philosophy and law, Kwame Anthony Appiah, and Adolph Reed Jr., Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Read more about the speaker.