1636, Harvard University, Barry O’Connell ’76

1693, The College of William & Mary, Kathleen F. Slevin

1701, Yale University, R. Howard Bloch

1754, Columbia University, Patricia B. O'Hara '81, Ronald S. Tiersky '72

1793, Williams College, William C. Dudley ’89

1794, Bowdoin College, Russell H. Weigel, Jr. ’65

1800, Middlebury College, John Maluccio

1812, Hamilton College, Peter A. Nelson ’82

1813, Colby College, Catherine L. Besteman

1823, Trinity College, W. Miller Brown

1826, Lafayette College, Lucy Wilson Benson

1831, Wesleyan University, Joshua S. Boger

1833, Haverford College, Michael C. Kiefer

1837, Mount Holyoke College, Lynn Pasquerella

1838, Duke University, John W. Chandler

1839, Boston University, Christopher C. Muller

1852, Tufts University, Yvonne Baevsky '84

1853, Washington University in St. Louis, Herbert T. Abelson

1855, Bates College, Nancy J. Cable

1861, North Central College, Satyan Devadoss

1863, Boston College, David Quigley

1864, Swarthmore College, Thomas Riddell ’66

1865, Cornell University, Harold Tanner

1866, American University of Beirut, Ghaleb Daouk ’84

1866, Carleton College, John W. Lemly ’67

1870, Wellesley College, Lia G. Poorvu

1871, Smith College, Carol T. Christ*

1875, Doshisha University, Yasuhiro Kuroki*

1876, The Johns Hopkins University, Karen Sánchez-Eppler ’90

1883, Modern Language Association, Rosemary G. Feal

1885, Bryn Mawr College, Laurie Fenlason ’87

1887, Clark University, Lawrence A. Klein ’91

1890, University of Chicago, Hadley P. Arkes ’67

1891, Rice University, David A. Cox ’70

1894, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, David Kenneth Johnson

1917, Bentley University, George W. Carmany III

1932, Folger Shakespeare Library, Michael Witmore*

1946, Holyoke Community College, Matthew Reed

1948, Brandeis University, Hilary J. Moss ’04

1953, Amherst-Pelham Regional School District, Maria Geryk*

1960, Berkshire Community College, Paul E. Raverta

1962, Greenfield Community College, Robert L. Pura

1965, Five Colleges, Inc., Neal Abraham

1965, Hampshire College, Jonathan Lash

1974, Consortium on Financing Higher Education, Kristine E. Dillon

Past Amherst College Presidents
Peter R. Pouncey
Anthony W. Marx

Delegates and Government Representatives whose names are marked with asterisks are marching in the vanguard with the Platform Party.