Deceased February 17, 2019

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In Memory

Clint Scharff, son of Clinton Robert and Elsie (Troillet) Clinton, was born in New York City on July 17, 1920.

At Amherst, Clint was a member of Theta Delta Chi and the relay team, of which he was captain his junior and senior years. Clint captained an Amherst relay team to third place in the Melrose games and first place in the Boston games. As lead runner in both races, this was really a personal achievement!

After Amherst, Clint worked briefly for Chevrolet in Michigan; served as the first president of Rochester Paper, Fabricators Division, 1959–73; and was president of Trim Parts Inc.’s sales department, 1975–89. Clint was active in the Detroit Country Club. His first wife, Barbara Moesta, died in 1971, and left him with three children: Deborah, Clinton III and Elizabeth. He then married Ellen McKean from the Smith ’42 group, and that marriage lasted until her death in 2011.

After Clint’s retirement from work in 1989, he moved with Ellen from Detroit to Truro on Cape Cod. He enjoyed the next 25-plus years fishing, playing golf and having a bit of beach time with children and seven grandchildren.

Perhaps missing accomplishment in life, he was nostalgic about the players on the Detroit Tigers when they won the pennant in 1934.

At 92 he moved to North Carolina to live with his daughter when he began to cope with Alzheimer’s. With his Alzheimer’s condition, he was physically healthy but mentally challenged for the last four-plus years of his life. He had four great-grandchildren.

Death followed Feb. 17, 2019.

Rick Ward ’42