50th Reunion

Shortly after graduation, I entered the Faculty of Denistry of McGill Univeristy at Montreal. For three generations, the rest of my family were operating a large lumber company, but I was attracted to dentistry by the TLC of our family dentist. McGill had an accelerated war-time program. We tried to start an R.O.T.C. unit, but being in another country squelched it.

In 1944, I married Norma Greene Mansfield '43. We had two sons and four grandchildren. After McGill, I had a short internship at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester. I joined the army detnal corps in 1946 at Fort Dix and we lived in Columbus, New Jersey for tow and a half years. Our first son was born at Fort Dix. I had command of a prosthetic clinic and laboratory, operated a mobile dental unit to serve bases too small for a full-time dentist. We spent one summer on Cape Cod where I set up a dental clinic for national Guard summer training.

In 1948, we were assigned to a unite in Trieste, Italy. It was a great year. Our second son was born on Christmas day. We traveled  throughout Europe and skied at Corina D'Ampezzo. Trieste is an interesting cosmopolitan city. After Emperor Augustus, it was ruled by Attila the Hun, the Byzantine Empire, Lombardy (north Italy), Venice, Austrai, and finally Italy. U.S.H.Q. was a Miramare, Maximilian's castle, and the officer's club was Carlotta's castle. We  visited many Roman ruins and explored caves with a physician who an amateur spelunker.

In the next year, I started my private practice in Wolcott, a small village between Rochester an Syracuse. After a few years, we purchased a building where I set up my ideal office. Post-graduate courses at least once a year kept the practice up-to-date.

Our summers were spent on the shore of Lake Ontario watchign our boys become expert swimmers and boaters. Today, they are making good use of those skills. One coaches winning swimming teams and other is the captain of a salmon-processing ship and a professional diver.

I have been president of the local dental society twice, president and Zone Chairman of the Lions Club,  treasurer of my church and on many commitees as well as forty years in the choir. I retired a few years ago and Norma and I are enjoying travel and visiting the grandchildren. I must give Amherst a great deal of the credit for the quality of life we have enjoyed.