John D. Fernald, M.D. '42

Sadly, Dr. John D. Fernald ’42 passed away peacefully on October 6, 2006, in New Hampshire.  John was a gentle man and a man of many values.  He loved medicine, caring for his patients, and saved many friends’ lives.  He was an outdoors person who loved the woods, mountains, and the lakes of New England, especially “the Farm” in New Hampshire and “Camp” on Penobscot Pond in Maine.  It did not matter that the fish were not biting or that the ski conditions on Cannon Mountain were poor, John had a positive perspective on all that he did.  He won his fair share of tennis matches and rubbers of bridge and was a gifted woodcarver.

He was an Amherst man, loyal and true, who enjoyed debating the merits of Amherst versus Williams with relatives and friends.  He encouraged others to experience Amherst.  It was humorous one year when the Amherst magazine arrived at his door.  On the cover were two of John’s brothers at “the” football game—one Amherst man and one Williams man smiling, shaking hands, and keeping the rivalry lively.

And John was a family man.  He loved his wife, Ginny, and his family.  We love him and will miss him.

—Dave Fernald ’73

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